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The Redstone Townhomes Neighborhood Association (RTNA) was established 
to promote, economic stability, safety, education and beautification of the neighborhood.


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Minutes RTNA Meeting – Sept. 18, 2012

Attending – Julio L., Zoraida V., Mary G., Rob G., Andy H., Allison T., Ellery E., Feliciano L., Sonia B., Patricia M., Mira PA, Howard A, Minhaj K.,

o Food provided by O’Abbey’s at half price – Off Fisk St.

Introductions, Julio Leiva, President of RTNA

o Special Guests: Councilman David Donnelly, Ward B, Councilman Rolando Lavarro, At Large, Claire Davis, Supervising Planner for the City Division of Planning, Megan, Priyanka and Susana from SIM-P, Caroline from Mass Urban

 Contact information:

 Councilman David Donnelly – c: 551-655-3633, after 10p emergency only, please

 Councilman Rolando Lavarro – c: 201-320-2128

RTNA Committee Reports

o Association Development Committee, Julio Leiva  Motion to propose a vote to change meeting date  Proposed vote to meet the 2nd Tuesday of the Month pending NJCU approval OCT 9th Nov 13th Dec 11th Jan 8th Feb 12th March 12th April 9th May 14th  Motion was seconded and approved (pending NJCU)

 Big Dig, Oct 27th

 JC Parks Coalition approved local sites for 1000 Bulbs, provided to RTNA -- we need volunteers  Flyer to be created. Allison to add to the website

 We need volunteers to develop content for flyer/website.

 Volunteer at,

o Click on the BIG DIG

o Volunteer at the top and fill out the registration form.

o Choose "Westside" as your area. This area includes all of our approved sites.

o Captains for RTNA, so far – Julio and Mira – more may be needed. If interested, let Julio and/or Mira know.

 Sept. 8th Yard sale - overall response was positive, however more time is needed to plan

o Proposed yard sale as a fundraiser for this year or next year, However, volunteers are needed to organize this event; specifically volunteers needed for flier content and distribution.

 Ideas for RTNA upcoming events, contests &fundraisers – Block Party, Holiday Party at the last meeting of 2012 (December 11th) and the Best Dressed House Contest. However, volunteers are needed to organize these efforts; specifically volunteers needed for flier content and distribution.

 Spring Clean UP for April of 2013 – Per Councilman David Donnelly’s suggestion to pick a date and get to JCIA early for approval– they may not have funds to give out bins next year.

o City Concerns Committee, Robert Verdibello  Bayonne/JC transportation study update  Completed in June – no reports available yet.

 West Side Survey

o No reports available yet, EDC and WSCA will have info soon

o Working on creation of Special Improvement District on West Side Ave.

o Possible issues – owners may not see necessity to participate –

 Tell business owners we want S.I.D., so they know there is neighborhood interest.

 Bayfront Redevelopment: Development is at a stand-still until 2017 - when JCIA is moved to new location

 Update from Claire Davis

-- Not at a standstill, per say -- Still doing clean-up of site, SA-4 is clean, city owned areas not cleaned yet.

 305-311 West Side (across from Miss America Diner – address approved for development, no final plan.

 Other development along Culver – proposed 6 story residential building, Paul Debelus (sp) is developer – moderate income, affordable housing units.

 Contact Barbara Payne to get minutes to development meetings (plans, zoning, historical preservation issues, redevelopment issues) 201-547-5010.

 Airplanes over RTNA blocks – due to runway repair work

 Air traffic over-head has slowed, but may pick up again in the spring when repair work resumes.

o Contact FAA and Councilman Donnelly with complaints about helicopter and air plane noise.

 Gas Pipeline has been approved, Jersey City politicians and citizens fighting the proposal

 Park and planned area along Garfield Ave. – plans to be largest city-owned park in NJ. Process will take 15-20 years, as the space goes from a small park to large park o Contact Ben Delisle for additional info, 201-547-4970 o Safety and Health, Andy Halpern

 Issues sheet was approx. 2 years in the making. Compiled list of residents’ concerns and ranked them in order of priority.

 Top Major Issues included speeding, sidewalk conditions and litter

 While crime and safety was not ranked as a top issue, a resident of RTNA was victim of a smash and grab.

 Councilman Donnelly suggested RTNA get in touch with a community relations officer for Neighborhood Watch Training – bring up issue in future meeting

 Water quality issue. Smell of water has changed, apparently due to circulation issues in the reservoir, and based on the water table height (we have too much water in the reservoir). Not dangerous, and should be rectified shortly.

 Cameras along West Side Ave and at Audubon Park

o No sense of urgency from Mayor’s office to get cameras up and running from Clark to Harrison.

 Call Mayor’s office to step up pressure.

 Crosswalk along Broadman Parkway – update – county is not responsible, so we should create a petition and contact the city to get work done.

 Pit bulls not tethered on leash at home on College St.

o Jersey City does have leash laws, and all dogs are to be leashed and licensed.

 Call Animal Control before 6p – 201-547-4888

 Call JCPD after 6p – 201-547-5477

 Electrical Pole – Mentioned at meeting, not an immediate concern.

 Issue of NJCU trucks on College St. reverb from man hole cover is felt along the street.

 Schedule a “Walkable Community Workshop” to discuss issues of pedestrian safety, contact Charlene Burke and Bergen Community United.

 Public service has a form to report safety issues, such as street light outages and tree trimmings – RTNA to add link to website.

 Grant money for pedestrian oriented improvements is available through NJTPA. Contact Naomi Shu, transport planner, at 201-547-5010 for additional information. o Public Relations, Allison Thornton  Website has been revamped.  Need for Social media push – Allison created a Facebook page for RTNA, Twitter account to follow.  Mobile-friendly templates for website were suggested. Google aps for non-profits may be the way to go, and it’s free to non-profits.  Get NJCU student involved in our events via a Resident’s Life contact  This contact will be especially helpful to recruit volunteers for the Big Dig. o Cultural Heritage Committee, Zoraida Velez – Omitted due to time constraints

o Goals and Objectives for Year 2012/2013 – RTNA’s Proposed Neighborhood Improvement Plan

 RTNA Neighborhood Improvement Plan, Mira Prinz Arey, SIM-P -- Introduced by Mira, presented by Megan, Priyanka and Susana

 Mass Urban and SIM-P, along with members of the RTNA steering committee, identified issues of concern for RTNA, and set about finding creative solutions to speeding and pedestrian safety, sidewalk repair and better use of public space.

o Four key areas were identified, based on research compiled by SIM-P.

 Research breaks down demographics of the RTNA neighborhoods, as well as identifies high traffic and accident spots along streets.

o Based on research, design interventions were created for the following areas

 Lt. Grover Park, Broadman Parkway Plaza, NJCU Visual Arts building exterior as a Public Art gallery, and Culver Ave. Street improvements which include bike sharrows, curb cuts that are ADA compliant, new trees and vegetation, and sidewalk bridges over tree roots.

o Next steps, as summarized by, Julio Leiva

 build alliances with associations and institutions to implement plan

 engage local residents

 link the RTNA proposal to existing redevelopment plans

 find funding for the proposals.

o Comments/Concerns of RTNA members

 South wall benches along Arts building may encourage loitering

 Security issues around Broadman Parkway Plaza – how to address loitering and petty crimes at end of the block.  Speed humps – can we get them? Contact Lee Klein to advocate for speed humps along Broadman Parkway and Culver Ave.  RTNA to set up a meeting with City Engineers and Dept. of Public Works to present our plan and discuss issues.  Uplifts on College Ave – Contact Rodney Hadley about the Uplifts Program  Contact Charlene Burke to discuss NJ Tree Foundation, set up possible workshop.

 Closing Remarks – Other Business, Julio Leiva

 Councilman Lavarro formally introduced. Overall interest in the plan, but as an employee of NJCU there is a conflict of interest.

o Motion to accept preliminary approval of RTNA Neighborhood Improvement plan – Rob seconds, all attending vote in favor, no one opposed. o Revisit RTNA/SIM-P survey next meeting

o Volunteers needed for the Big Dig --

o Committee Sign Up sheet distributed and collected

o Petition for Broadman Parkway Crosswalk

o RTNA in need of a Treasurer. If interested contact Julio: [email protected]

o Next meeting guest attendees contact Julio: [email protected] o Expanding Boundaries of RTNA to Audubon and Grant Ave. for more turn at meetings – for vote/discussion at next meeting

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