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The Redstone Townhomes Neighborhood Association (RTNA) was established 
to promote, economic stability, safety, education and beautification of the neighborhood.


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Minutes RTNA Meeting – January 29, 2013

Attending – Julio L., President, Mary G., Vice President, Mira PA, Secretary, Zoraida V. Cultural Affairs Committee Chair, Rob V. City Concerns Committee Chair., Allison T., Public Relations Chair, Ellery E. Director of Committees, Antonio and Rita F., Broadman Parkway Block Captains

Also in Attendance:

Fran M. and Sam M.


Introductions, Julio Leiva, President of RTNA


Special Guests: Councilman Rolando Lavarro, City of Jersey City, Lee Klein; Engineer, Dept. of Traffic & Transportation, Mel Badger; JCIA, Ray Benitez, Mayor’s Action Bureau


Contact information:

Councilman Rolando Lavarro – o: 201-547-5268, c: 201-320-2128

Mayor’s Action Bureau – 201 - 547-4900/5555

Incinerator Authority – 201- 432-4645

Department of Public Works – 201-547-4402


• Recap of meeting with Lee Klein, Pat Logan, Julio Leiva, Mira Prinz Arey, Councilman Lavarro at the Department of Public Works, Traffic and Transportation



o Repave of Broadman Parkway to include stripping of bike lanes

o Additional signage, 25 mph, dead end at base of Broadman on fence, after Westview Ct.,

o Stripping and signage on blocks of RTNA neighborhoods where appropriate – curbs, corners, possible inclusion of bike sharrows on Culver, additional 25 mph signage – on appropriate streets through the neighborhood

o Determine Availability of Grant from DOT for decorative sidewalks (Exp. g. Westview and Culver)

o ADA Compliance of Sidewalks throughout RTNA – Assessment/Implementation by DPW – Traffic and Transportation

o Curbs Can be painted yellow (to limit parking on corners) by City if so requested/approved

• Lee Klein to include Grant, Audubon, & Stegman (Pkwy, Ct, Terr, Plc.) to accident report list

• Going forward RTNA has requested to be part of pilot programs with DPW, like the bike lane program on Grove St., as well as future traffic calming and safety initiatives as outlined in the Circulation Element of the Jersey City Master Plan


Neighborhood Concerns –

o Tony F. – will “no parking” signs in front of driveways be replaced after the repave – yes.

 Residents can apply for striping sign on city website

o Double parking issues

 Residents can call Monte Zucker 201-547-4470 to apply for a permit to park in front of the driveway. This is IN ADDITION TO ZONE 8 PERMITS. Owners can request up to 3 passes for owner/tenant/guest. Cost is $ 5 per permit.

o Charter bus parking issues @ Athletic Center – park/double park on Culver, Westview or Broadman and obscure view of oncoming traffic – especially dangerous on Culver. Idling also an big issue.

 Discuss with NJCU for alternatives

• Uplift on sidewalks

City owns trees - is it their responsibility?

Rob V. to draft legal memo & send to R. Benitez to explain legal implications of sidewalk uplifting due to city trees; To be discussed at February meeting.


General Discussion

Lamp posts/Street lighting

• If you notice a street light that is out, please note the Pole Number (or the closest address where the pole is located) and send to RTNA [email protected]

o Info will be compiled and sent to Lee Klein at DPW and they will contact PSE&G on our behalf.


• Jug handle on RT. 440 to turn onto Culver, raised by Mary G. – Why is there a 100 yard section where drivers cannot stay on shoulder? --- Issue to be raised with DOT by Traffic and Transportation

Signage and traffic issues on Claremont & Water St., raised by Tony F – Chinese restaurant & grocery put signage in place, but it is ineffective. Issue to be raised at next meeting.


• Comcast

Tony F. drafted a letter listing our concerns with regard to parking issues, traffic issues and trash. Councilman Lavarro put Julio L. in touch with Comcast and letter was sent to representative from Comcast, Director of Government Affairs. They have responded and will be meeting with RTNA to address issues outlined in the letter.

o Possible solution for parking issue – vacant lot across Kennedy and Grant St.

o Councilman Lavarro update on Comcast contract renewal – Public hearing was held, however, Comcast’s application for renewal was not completed.

o Possible collaboration with RTNA & Comcast for Comcast Cares event on April 27th

o RTNA to work with Comcast to ensure good neighborhood policy.


• Crossing issues on Culver & Westside – to be addressed at Feb. general meeting


RTNA Committee Reports


o City Concerns Committee, Robert Verdibello

• Planning meeting at City Hall on Feb. 5th @ 5:30p to address Culver redevelopment plan, 440 & Westside.

• Includes Fisk, NJCU campus & Claremont

• Could designate area as more residential/commercial in character – Rt. 440 as tree lined blvd. and Bay Front development adjacent to proposed redevelopment neighborhood. Possibly eliminate industrial uses. Discuss development next to power station.

• Claire Davis is expert on study of eminent domain for industrial properties like one mentioned above.


JCIA – Mel Badger

• Litter issues – up to landlord and/or tenant to clean sidewalks. If litter is a continuing issue in front of specific properties call JCIA and ask them to send an inspector.

• Neighborhood concern – Who is responsible for snow at crosswalks, DPW or JCIA? Call JCIA first. If it is not their responsibility JCIA will refer to DPW

• RTNA to call JCIA with requests for solar compactor trash receptacles to place at Lt. Grover Park and other key spots within RTNA neighborhood.

• JCIA to assist RTNA in litter compliance for Comcast and deli on corner of J.F. Kennedy and Grant.


o Public Relations, Allison Thornton

• Working on integration with NJCU Facebook and Twitter accounts

• Business cards created for RTNA members to pass out at events & meetings

• Videos to be created for website, featuring RTNA members. Suggested the videos to be shot at RTNA events.

• Yard signs created – Ellery & Allison working on design, sized @ 12” x 18”. Suggested Facebook info to be added to signage.

• For FB/website, possible inclusion of new residents and businesses (meet your neighbor/support this business) to RTNA neighborhood.


o Cultural Heritage Committee, Zoraida Velez

• Hudson Restaurant Week – ends Feb. 8th

• New restaurants in neighborhood – Spoon @ 111 Sterling, Chandi @ 349 Westside

• Exhibition @ the NJCU Visual Arts Building – Journeys: 30 Years of Art-making, Mary Ellen Campbell,

• Actors Shakespeare Company (ASC) for upcoming performances


o Safety and Health, Andy Halpern

Not in attendance.


• Update on RNTA/SIMP collaboration – working on fundraising and grant opportunities, strategize on project plan document. To be discussed at Feb. general meeting

• Any suggestions/comments/questions email [email protected] (This is RTNA’s Neighborhood Concerns Email)



Closing Remarks – Other Business, Julio Leiva

• Julio L. update on NJCU meeting with Dr. Sue Henderson, President, NJCU:

 NJCU open to collaboration with RTNA on issues such as traffic calming, cleaner streets, sidewalk improvements, public space improvements etc . .

 Suggested mural at Lt. Grover Park by NJCU Arts Dept. Students

o Suggested from RTNA member – can someone in the NJCU History Dept. help us with research for Lt. Grover, and park

o Check with Gloria Langor to see what she remembers from dedication of the park

o Contact John Allen and Patrick Shaloub for assistance with next Lt. Grover Park event

o Contact City Clerk for any info on Lt. Grover Park


Motion by Julio Levia to adjourn the meeting – motion seconded by members


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